If you are getting ready to move, you could be thinking about holding a garage sale. This is a great idea; then, you will have fewer things to have to worry about actually moving to your new home, and you won’t have to worry about filling your new home with clutter. If you are overwhelmed by the process of setting up and advertising your pre-moving garage sale, consider these tips.

1. Get Started Well Ahead of Time

For one thing, it’s a good idea to get started with planning for your garage sale (and your move) as far ahead of time as possible. Cheap Movers Seattle (here), provider of local and interstate moving services, suggests getting a start at least a month in advance of your moving date. If you start going through your things now and sorting out what you want to pack and move and what you want to sell at your garage sale, you won’t have to worry about doing all of the work at the last minute.

2. Check Into Local Laws

Even though you should not have a problem hosting a garage sale, you might have to get a permit or follow other certain laws. Contact your local city or town hall to find out if there is anything that you need to do to abide by the law when hosting your pre-moving garage sale.

3. Set the Right Day and Time

It’s generally best to host a garage sale on the weekend when more people will be able to come. Consider hosting your garage sale in the morning and early afternoon for best results.

4. Advertise

If you want to have a good turnout at your garage sale, you’ll need to advertise it heavily. You can put an advertisement in your local newspaper, which generally doesn’t cost much and can help you ensure that more people in your local community know about it. Additionally, consider advertising it on any local classifieds websites online. Making signs and passing out flyers can also help.

5. Price Everything Appropriately

Even though you might not want to give your items away, it’s important to price everything reasonably so that your items will sell. After all, people go to yard sales to look for deals, not to pay prices that are similar to what they would pay at a retail store.

6. Display Everything Nicely

If possible, set up your items on nice displays, much as they would be displayed in a store. If people cannot easily see everything that you’ve got, then they might miss out on items that they otherwise would have purchased. Consider renting large tables and racks for setting things up, or ask your family members and friends if they have anything that you can use for this purpose.

As you can see, setting up a pre-moving garage sale doesn’t have to be as challenging as you might think. Follow these tips, and you can help ensure that your pre-moving garage sale is a success. Then, you can make a little bit of cash for your moving expenses and get rid of items that you don’t want to bring along with you.