On April 13, 2014, the Mosaic community affirmed a recommendation by our Leadership and Discernment Teams to begin to integrate into Servant Church at the start of May as the best way to continue our life together and the work of our people.


We remain committed to the important work Mosaic has always done in Austin, and we believe joining our efforts with the work Servant Church has begun is the best way for us to continue to serve the communities we are a part of every day and, ultimately, the Kingdom of God.


No matter our church’s address, what will always be most important is our openness to God’s work in our own lives, in the way we love each other, our neighbors, co-workers, families, friends, and enemies — and how we continue to seek the welfare of our neighborhoods, schools, and city. Please contact leadership@mosaicaustin.org for further information about this decision and for business-related questions concerning Mosaic.


We look forward to the future that God has in store for us in the days ahead as part of the body of Christ, wherever we call home. Thanks be to God for the life, liturgy and legacy of Mosaic.


-The People of Mosaic