The Mosaic Hymnal: Vol. I

We are proud to announce that the first recording of Mosaic’s music is finally finished. The Mosaic Hymnal: Vol. I is now available HERE.

Seth, James, and I (Richard) spent a full Saturday tracking all of the drums in November of 2010. Over the next two years people stopped by my studio, played their parts, manipulated their instruments, and sang their songs. Here is a list of everyone who made this happen:

Seth Woods played guitar and sang.
James Summers played drums and sang some too.
Nicolette Manglos played keys and sang.
Ben Lance, Stephen Cinti, David McClendon, and I, Richard Kentopp, played guitar.
Justin Crowell played the slide guitar.
B Sterling Archer played cello and the epic horns.
Matt Graham played the banjo.
And, of course, Lee Kitchens played the bass.

Most of these songs belong to Seth, but our good buddies Chris Simpson and Alex Dupree both donated their songs.

Elizabeth Lodowski drew the cover.
Richard Kentopp typed the liner notes.
James Summers put everything together in a computer box.

It is important to note that this is a recording of the past. Seth, our founding music pastor, left our community over a year ago. Many of the folks who participated in this are no longer around Mosaic. But rather than let this project fall by the wayside, it seemed important to Seth, Sam, and I to make sure that this record and ‘record’ existed, especially in time for our 10th anniversary as a community.

It is also important to note that, while we love looking back, we must look forward. Mosaic especially, being recently transformed with so much transition and with so many new people, must keep our future in the forefront of our hopes and prayers. Mosaic the community need not try to get back to the days of ______. We are not trying to retake 5619. We do not sing psalms of lament longing for the sweaty days of an unairconditioned attic in downtown. Instead, we have a different, new, and better calling on our life together. We, like many of our people, are growing up, setting down roots, and growing into God’s calling for us.

On that note, I hope and pray that we will have Volume II to share with you sometime in the next 2 years. It took a while to get here, and I hope it will not take us 10 more years to be able to share more of our unique musical palate with the community and others.

Seth and I have conversed a lot over the past 2 years about this record, and our unique role in the community. We have both been, and continue to be honored and blessed to serve as your music pastor.
May this music bless and change your life in the way it has ours.

Blessings and peace to you, in the name of our Heavenly Father, his Son our Savior Jesus Christ, and that gorgeous Holy Spirit.
Richard Kentopp
Mosaic’s Music Pastor

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