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Setting the Table – Oct 13-Nov 24

On Sunday, October 13th, we’ll begin a new season together – “Setting the Table.” This 7 week series will run up to the Sunday before Thanksgiving. During “Setting the Table” our life together at Mosaic will revolve around themes related to food. How are food and our faith related? How should trying to be a just people relate to hunger issues or conservation? How should the radical table fellowship and hospitality practiced by Jesus and the early church influence us? All these questions and more will be worked through together in our preaching, in our music, in our outreach projects, and in our dinner groups. We’re excited to return to and to focus on some elements and truths that have shaped us and moved us out into the world before, but that also still have much left to explore and work through together.

[photo from Dennis Wong @ Flickr]

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