Party for Noah – June 23rd

Noah Sloan has volunteered for the past 3 years as Mosaic’s Treasurer. This is important work in our community. The Treasurer pays all bills, keeps the accounts balanced, handles payroll/taxes, and serves on the Finance Team. Noah handled all that and more in the midst of lots of changes in our community and structure – always with professionalism and grace. Noah’s recently transitioned out of the role, and handed over responsibilities to our new Treasurer – Jaime Graves.

As he steps away from the roll, and finds new ways to be involved at Mosaic, we want to thank Noah. And we also really like parties. So we’re combining the two on Sunday, June 23rd. Bring a dessert to share for the post-liturgy shindig, and help us say “Thanks Noah!”

[photo by hey mr glen @ Flickr]

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