Who We Are

Mosaic is a community of believers and seekers with diverse backgrounds and personalities drawn together by the grace and love of Jesus. We are not a “church” in the way our culture has defined it. Our community is more like a family.A family with members who have an intimate relationship with God, others who desire to know God better and still others who are only beginning the journey. Some are musicians. Some are writers. Some are students. Some are artists. Some are computer programmers. Some are retail clerks.

We believe in a trinitarian God.  As we immerse ourselves in his story we discover the truth about the world and about ourselves. Since the beginning, when he breathed his life into the first man and woman, God has been an active participant in our story. In Jesus we discover the love of God embodied – calling all of creation back to the Author of the narrative. It is the redemptive and transformative love found in the birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus that restores our world and calls us back into fellowship with our Creator. And it is this love that brings us together as community – calling us to be a redemptive, transformative people that share together in the life of the Spirit of God.

We don’t call our building or our liturgy “church.”  Church is a people – it’s who we are. You don’t go to church; you’re a part of the church. As a family we naturally spend time together – meals, movies, coffee, work, prayer. But we all gather on Sunday nights to participate in shared liturgy. We sing, create, hang out, tell stories, talk about life and talk about God. We’d love to have you join us sometime.