Mosaic Kids

Mosaic believes that children are an integral part of the church.  Find out more about how that is expressed on Sunday evenings and beyond.

On Easter Sundays our community commits to the roles we play in partnering with families in the growth and spiritual formation of our children.  In these vows, we affirm that children are made in the image of God and are children of God by creation.  We commit to sharing with them our story: “We will tell them about Abraham and Sarah, the grandparents of our faith; about Moses, who led our ancestors out of bondage; about the Jewish hope for a Messiah; about Jesus Christ, the Savior, and about the history of the church as God’s redemptive people in the world.”


All children participate in the first cooperate movements of Sunday night liturgy.  Early on in our time together the whole congregation is invited to sing with our kiddos a song that helps articulate a response to God from the place our little ones can understand.  After a children’s sermon our kids move into their own space – from infants and toddlers to preschool and younger elementary – for a time with their peers and workers to explore God’s story in laughter, songs, crafts, and story.  As communion begins in “Big Church”, parents are invited to pick up their children so that whole families can come together to the Eucharistic table.