Welcome to Mosaic

a community of believers, disciples, seekers,unconventional, avant garde, unclassified, aliens, exiles, sinnersoff-the-wall but not off-the-shelf saints,
unloved, unwashed, unwanted, unemployed
misfits, mongrels and
mad poet poets, prophets, and irreverent priests
bad girls, rough boys, perpetual adolescents,
and punk rockers orphaned and dispossessed.
knights errant, rangers, ronin, and second level half-orc clerics

unclean, uncouth, unhappy
critics and dreamers
fractured, broken, and incomplete
the also ran of the human race,
slackers, squatters, and losers …

a mass menagerie of medieval mystics, mods, and millennials
making minimum wage,
wayfarers and pilgrims.

If you think of Austin as your home,
but not the world so much,
you’ve found a waypoint and a safe shelter,
a people.
A time and place for free expression
and ancient liturgy.
A place where there are rules,
but no one can say for sure what they are.
Don’t be inhibited, but don’t be a jackass.

- Joe Gill