The Practical Stuff

So it’s coming up on 5:00, you’re headed to Space 12 (3121 E 12th St) – what can you expect at a liturgy?We’re fond of saying, “Tonight will look a little different from a regular liturgy”, which means that there a number of nights where we try to explore a theme, practice, or text in a way that is different or new.  But with that said, our liturgy does generally have a particular form.

Liturgy begins at 5:00 sharp, and generally finishes around 6:15.  The dress is really casual.  It’s probably safe to say that in the history of our community, no one has ever come to a Mosaic liturgy underdressed.  Simply, come as you are.

Children are incorporated into the first 15-20 minutes of our time together.  After the welcome, the kids are invited up front to sing a song they know and love with the pastors, and then to hear a children’s sermon together.  After the kids sermon, all children – from infants on up – are invited to a time with their peers in age-appropriate childcare and kids church.  Of course, if an infant or child wants to hang with mom or dad in liturgy, we love that too!

We sing together … songs that come from the ancient church, the middle ages, old spirituals, a Dylan or Nick Cave song, something written from a community member or even plainsong.   During that time we might practice the Lectio Divina, hear the story of a community member, pray, or simply sit still in God’s presence.  Most nights we spend 20-30 minutes exploring a particular Biblical text in a way that is, more often than not, fresh and meaningful.

After the sermon we usually have a time of response.  Sometimes we process questions together based on the text or message. Other weeks we participate in a prayer exercise together. Some weeks we sing another song. Prayer is always available with our Prayer Team.

Then in every liturgy we take part in the Eucharist Feast, believing this meal is a crucial way for us to remember and mysteriously participate in God’s story.  In this meal we remember that all of life is ultimately a gift and that all of life is sustained by a gift – we experience, afresh and anew every week, the gifts of God for the people of God.  Whether you have been at Mosaic for years or if it’s your first Sunday, all are invited to God’s table.  We often follow the Book of Common Prayer’s communion litany and invite the congregation to come forward, tear off a piece of the bread, and dip it into the cup.  Before the Eucharist is taken, we ask that parents pick up their children from the children’s rooms so that families can participate in the meal together.

Our time of liturgy generally closes with a song or doxology, a few brief announcements, and a benediction.

Ultimately, words don’t do justice to our time together.   It’s best just to come, see, and experience.  We hope you will.