Richard 2012

Richard Kentopp


1. What’s your full name?

Richard L. Kentopp, MDiv (the only time I get to use the title! BOOYAH!)

2. How do you spend free Saturdays?

What are free Saturdays?  Just kidding, I watch & play basketball while listening to cripplingly sad music.

3. If you had one book to read for the rest of your life (other than the Bible), what would it be?

I’m pretty sure the current issue of McSweeney’s would be just fine.  

4. Favorite local joint in Austin?

My favorite local Austin joint is my house. I live with my beautiful wife, have plenty of instruments, video games, and beer. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

5. Favorite music?

Favorite music?  How long do you have?  Let’s just say Tortoise, Joan of Arc, Mogwai, The Smiths, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor and leave it at that.


Richard, by his own admission is a very contended person. He is involved with lots of different things and each thing is something he loves and feels led to be involved in. He is in and recording numerous bands at any given time. He is the music pastor at both Mosaic and at our sort-of-sister-church Servant Church.

Richard really met God when he was 16 at the church that his parents had helped start. They had left the church when Richard was little and he hadn’t been back. But a friend invited him to the youth group one day and he met God there and fell in love with community.  He got involved with the youth group and began playing in the band. It is where he really began to play music and to learn the guitar. He never had any formal music training.

After attending UT and helping to start a number of churches here in the Austin area as well as in California and Illinois, he decided to  get his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in California.  He admits though that after leaving Fuller he did not want to help start or work in anymore churches. He was burned out on fundamental Christianity and considered teaching theology instead. He is passionate about scriptural interpretation and loves studying the Bible, specifically the New Testament.

When he first came to Mosaic in 2008, he didn’t ever want to work in a church again. But after a little less than a year here he agreed to be on the  leadership team, and then began leading the band at Servant Church with Eric Vogt in 2010. He says he loves it. By his own admission he said that being involved with churches is something he can’t seem to escape. “Apparently I’m an expert on church planting,” he said.

He likes being involved with Mosaic and Servant Church. He appreciates  that the leadership team plays more of the role of a servant team, helping to fill the logistical gaps and support the community rather than being solely for decision making.  He feels strongly that Mosaic provides a place for people to seek and ask questions. He says, “The work of the church is to help figure out life.” He likes being a part of that.

The only thing he feels his life is missing in a vocational and hobby context is more involvement with basketball, specifically he would like to be coaching.  Other than that, he is quite perfectly contended. Really, he is.