Financial Update Emails

We now have a¬†separate¬†email list for Financial Updates. This list will be sent quarterly financial updates no matter what state Mosaic’s finances are in. But there will also be a few triggers set in place that will cause an email to be sent. These triggers are:

  1. if our account balance at the end of a month is $2000+ less than the balance at the end of the previous month
  2. any month we spent more than we brought in the previous month
  3. any time that we have to pull from our savings account or emergency fund
  4. any time that the staff is late being paid

The list will include anyone who is:

  1. a member or leader of a small group or team at Mosaic
  2. or who has expressed interest in being kept informed about our finances

So if you would like to make sure you are on the list, you can email us and we’ll add you. Then, you hopefully wouldn’t hear from us until the normal finance update at the end of the quarter!

And, of course, just as with the Weekly Email list many of you are already on, you could unsubscribe at any time for any reason using the option at the bottom of each email.

[photo by vereiasz @ Flickr]

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