Easter Baptism & Children’s Dedication

On Easter Sunday (March 31st), we will continue our tradition of observing baptism and a children’s dedication. These two practices have become important and meaningful moments for our community each year. So we wanted to take some time to try to explain why we practice both, and to offer the opportunities to all who call Mosaic home.

Baptism is the powerful proclamation that Jesus is Lord – a picture of the old being buried and new life being birthed. It announces to the church and the world that anyone who is in Christ is indeed a new creation. ┬áSo important is this act that the early church could not conceive of a person following Christ without first following him into the waters of baptism.

Lent was originally set aside as a time of preparation for new converts, readying them for their Easter baptism. And because we’re a baptistic community that tries to take our roots seriously – we too have always baptized those who wish to take this step on Easter Sunday. We already have a couple of people participating in baptism this year, but we’d love to have more if you’ve been thinking about it.

And our children’s dedication time is a special time we set aside to introduce kids to the community, pray for them, and let their families know we are here to support and encourage them as they strive to raise their children well and in our shared faith.

If you are interested in knowing more about baptism or having your child dedicated – or you have questions about either practice -please email us.

[photo by Coral G at Flickr]

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