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Mosaic Sermon 02/23/14 – Sam Myrick

Sam finishes his sermon on the life of David, as well as his time with the Mosaic community, with this emotional look at endings.

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Mosaic Sermon 02/16/14 – Sam Myrick

Sam continues talking about the life of David by looking at the troubling instance of Bathsheba.

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Mosaic Sermon 02/09/14 – Sam Myrick

Sam returns to the life of David by looking at a series of events surrounding the Ark of the Covenant's entry into Jerusalem.

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Mosaic Sermon 02/02/14 – Kate Blackshear

Kate gives Sam a break from the David series and shares with us about a famous passage from Micah.

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Family Meeting – February 16th

We will be having another Family Meeting to discuss Mosaic's future on Sunday, February 16th, immediately after an abbreviated liturgy. If you call Mosaic "home," we invite you ...

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