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Mosaic Sermon 09/29/13 – Sam Myrick

Looking at Psalm 131, Sam reminds us that we are called to be content as God's weaned children.

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Mosaic Sermon 09/22/13 – Sam Myrick

Sam talks about the nature of the early Church in Acts, and helps us think about what it might look like in East Austin in 2013.

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Mosaic Sermon 09/15/13 – Weylin Lee

Our friend Weylin visits to help us think about what it means to be formed as a Christian and not distracted by the things that swirl around us ...

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Bastrop State Park

Fall Camping Trip – October 25-27

We hope you can join us for this year's Fall Camping Trip! It will be the weekend of October 25-27, and we will be camping together at Bastrop ...

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Mosaic Sermon 09/08/13 – Sam Myrick

Sam finishes our "Mosaic is..." series by talking about how we hope to be a people "who seek God's peace and blessings for our neighborhoods."

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Mosaic Sermon 09/01/13 – Sam Myrick

Sam continues our "Mosaic is..." series by sharing how we are "empowered by God’s Spirit to be a just and creative people."

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